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Our Dogs Features List

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03-Jun-22 Coat & Skin Health (Inc parasite control) 24-May-22
10-Jun-22 French Bulldog 27-May-22
17-Jun-22 Raw Feeding  07-Jun-22
17-Jun-22 Giant Schnauzer 03-Jun-22
24-Jun-22 Flat Coated Retriever 10-Jun-22
01-Jul-22 Glen of Imaal Terrier 27-May-22
01-Jul-22 Weight Management 21-Jun-22
08-Jul-22 German L/H, S/H & W/H Pointer 24-Jun-22
15-Jul-22 German Spitz (Klein & Mittel) 01-Jul-22
22-Jul-22 German Pinscher 08-Jul-22
05-Aug-22 Dental Hygiene  26-Jul-22
05-Aug-22 HALF WAY LEADERS: Top Pup, Top Brdr & Top Dog Gallery 26-Jul-22
02-Sep-22 Digestive Health (Inc internal parasites)  23-Aug-22
02-Sep-22 Golden Retriever 23-Aug-22
09-Sep-22 Gordon Setter 26-Aug-22
16-Sep-22 Great Dane 02-Sep-22
23-Sep-22 Griffon Bruxellois 09-Sep-22
30-Sep-22 Greyhound 16-Sep-22
07-Oct-22 Firework Phobia 27-Sep-22
14-Oct-22 Greenland Dog 30-Sep-22
21-Oct-22 Great Swiss Mountain Dog 07-Oct-22
28-Oct-22 Havanese 14-Oct-22
04-Nov-22 Care of the Older Dog (Muscles, joints, diet, oral & general care) 25-Oct-22
11-Nov-22 Hamiltonstovare 28-Oct-22
18-Nov-22 Hovawart 04-Nov-22
25-Nov-22 Hungarian Pul 11-Nov-22
16-Dec-22 Seasons Greetings (Trade & Breeder) 06-Dec-22
23-Dec-22 Hungarian Vizsla & Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla 06-Dec-22
30-Dec-22 Ibizan Hound 13-Dec-22
06-Jan-23 Irish Red and White Setter 16-Dec-22
13-Jan-23 Irish Setter 03-Jan-23
20-Jan-23 Irish Terrier 06-Jan-23


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